Bear Sanctuary- LiBEARty – An ideal day tour!

In 1998 a woman from Romania, Cristina Lapis, saw in a cage outside in one restaurant from Brașov 3 bears. Later, she found more bears used in a similar way and she started to dream how to save distressed animals, change this behavior and stop this cruel and illegal exploitation of Romania’s native animals.

Nowadays, her dream is being realized, and over 100 bears enjoying a new life in the Bear Sanctuary in Zărnești. This place has 70 hectares of oak forest where bears can climb trees, swim in the pools and forage on the vegetation.

Libearty is the largest Sanctuary of brown bears in the world. It has 70 hectares of oak forest, the construction started in 2005, and 105 bears have been rescued since the “Libearty” Sanctuary was open. The European brown bear is a species strictly protected by the Bern Convention.

Libearty sanctuary has cameras all over the areas, so the staff can see the behavior of the bears and also keep an eye on any visitors to the sanctuary.

Organized tours for visitors can be made around the Libearty sanctuary while the guide is telling the story of the bear rescues. The bears live in large forested areas and it is their choice if they want to stay inside or come out so they can be seen by visitors.

The sanctuary is open in the mornings only from 11:00 until 12:00 and closed on Mondays. They have guides to accompany visitors around the reserve and also a train that will transport tourists through the sanctuary.

Zărnești Bear Sanctuary Tour is the perfect day trip if you want to explore a very distinct experience: a visit to the largest sanctuary of this type in Europe . In just one day you’ll see some of the 105 bears saved from captivity, now walking free in the mountain reserve from the Carpathians and also you’ll explore one of the most beautiful cities in Transylvania, Brașov.

Zărnești it’s a town near Brașov, and the distance between them can be covered by car in half an hour or you can choose our transport services, available for you anytime you need.
It will be an honor to receive you in our excelent rooms and enchant you with our best services, while you’re enjoying wonderful attractions offered by Brașov city.

Ambient Group is looking forward to welcoming you!

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