Oktoberfest in Brasov

Who sings and enchants us this year at the most expected festival over this fall?
Old names, new names, many surprises, in other words, everything we wanted on stage to perform at Oktoberfest 2017.
It will be a show trademark Oktoberfest, the definition of a good Bavarian party, but also guaranteed for lovers of fun and good music. Le’s party 11 days in Brasov from September 07-17 in the area of the former municipal stadium.

For the first time at Oktoberfest 2017 Brasov-Ministerium of Music
Fanfara Ministerium of Music invites you to Oktoberfest. Guys wearing leather trousers, shorts, and girls-clothes Dirndl exactly as they do it in Germany for celebrations in the mountains. Band Ministerium of Music is a musical band from Austria, band leader, musician, Gernot Haidegger is originally from Austria. The band has only professional musicians and, in recent years, has had several appearances abroad, in various cities of Brazil, Japan, China, Sweden and Vietnam, and this year they will perform in Brasov.

Rocky 5 again on stage at Oktoberfest
Rocky 5 this year’s fourth participation in Romania’s Oktoberfest! The band members were present in 2013 in Brașov and Bucharest, in 2014 we listened them in Bucharest and Timișoara, and in 2015 in Brașov and Timișoara.
Rocky 5 is a traditional band that still exist from the early 80. Current members have accumulated experience in all areas of entertainment, performing both nationally and internationally. German public was delighted at Oktoberfest in Huntington Beach (California), “German-Fest” in New Ulm (Minnesota), New Glarus, Milwaukee (Wisconsin) and “BrauHaus” in Chicago (Illinois).
The band’s repertoire consists of a mix of austro-German folk music, as well as hits of the 80, 90, and current.

Klaudia & Die Burzenland Party Band, the first band of Brasov with repertoire specialy for Oktoberfest
Klaudia and her colleagues bring to the stage, in front of fans of Oktoberfest, the experience acquired in the years spent on the stage. Traditional music, as well as older hits such as “Er gehort mir zu” or “german” Atemlos hit.
For Saxon people this band doesn’t need any presentation! Is a band made of talented young people from Brașov, with a varied range of styles and pieces, they have their own compositions, but also cover songs.
Most important to tell is that they represent “ the soul “of this Festival, being composers and interpreters of the Oktoberfest Anthem. They are the ones that raise the public standing, being loved and admire by the participants at the festival
The Anthem that resounded at both Brașov, Bucharest and Timișoara “good luck, good luck, good luck … Raises beer up!

The official Ballet will delight us at Oktoberfest in Brașov
Opera Ballet will be present on stage, combining talent and love for art .
This year the Ballet will have a special choreography. The band will reproduce the an authentic German atmosphere.

Fanfare Burzenland
Year after year this band made it to the festival and we are honored.

The Ambient team is waiting for you, let’s celebrate the beginning of fall together!

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