Activities in Brasov

Natural High Climbing Brașov

High Climbing Brașov is a club for indoor and outdoor climbing activities. The proposed business activities, including both adults and children, are sports in nature and those made in specially designed spaces for climbing.
Certified instructors in this field initiate the beginners in climbing or bouldering, and help them improve on those who already have experience in these activities.

For kids, adventure camps are organized, giving them the love for nature.
In the year 2007 was opened the indoor climbing area and was divided into 150 mp and 200 mp for climbing.
There are climbing equipment rental so you don’t have to worry, you only need to have fun and enjoy a good taste of adrenaline.

In order to satisfy all standards required of indoor climbing gyms, Climbing Natural High is marked on the list of the Romanian Federation of Mountaineering and Escalade.

Escape Room Brasov

Want to experience something out of the ordinary? Get locked in a room and try and get out within 60 minutes. How? Connect clues, solve puzzles, use logic, be intuitive, search for hidden objects and you’ll still need more..Feel the pressure of time ticking away while you and your team panic and use your brains as never before. Discover your taste for mystery and uncover the secrets of our rooms.
Be a mix between Sherlock Holmes and MacGyver and prove yourself!

Ceai et Caetera

Ceai et caetera is a wonderland of it’s own, part of it’s charm is that not many people know about it. As soon as you enter, you’ll feel the incredibly enjoyable atmosphere and friendliness all around. With over 100 types of different teas, a water-pipe to enjoy and incredibly friendly staff, this place is surely worth a visit.

Enjoy – find a seat, get comfy, have a tea along with gingerbread and some background music. You can also play board games and card games or skim trough the many magazines and books displayed all around the room. Feel free look at the handmade objects all over the room as well – if you like something enough, you can also buy them and take them home.

Arta Club

The Club was founded in the year 1998 and features the largest space intended for pool games and table tennis. Arta Club Brasov is a bridge between past, present and future.
Arta club has become over the years the best place to spend time with friends.

Elegance and comfort are specific to this club with recreational and sporting activities that take place here.
Kept in the soul of many clients under the name of “Arta”, due to the old movie theater that operate in the past here, the place became an area of socialization and relaxation, of leisure with friends, but also of carrying out sport activities.

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