The most beautiful places to visit in Brasov

Reservation of bears from Zarnesti hosts over 70 European brown bears and Asiatic black bears rescued from situations of captivity and torture. This place was built in 2005 after the law of keeping bears in captivity was approved.
So in this way, authorities were able to rescue bears that were protected by law.
After Romania become part of the European Union, many zoos have shot their doors.
This reservation can be accessed under stricter rules than in a zoo, because it focuses more on protecting animals and less on visitors. Of course, visitors need to pay an entrance fee.

Bran Castle

Known worldwide as Dracula’s Castle, is situated only 30 km away from Brasov city. Castle began to be connected with Count Dracula after Bram Stoker described in his novel, Dracula’s house, which looked very similar with the one in reality.
Author of Dracula has never traveled to Romania, but apparently he read books and documented himself about Transylvania.

Fagaras Fortress

Another great Fortress in Brasov County can be found in Fagaras. The fortress dates back to 1310, but like other cities, is built on the site of ancient cities. Fagaras Fortress will defend Transylvania as part of the Tartar invasion. In 1599, the city became the property of Michael the Brave, who gave it to his wife and where he housed his family and royal treasury. The fortress was used even recently in the communist system, acting as a prison for political prisoners between 1948 -1960. In the near future, the city has been restored and preserved as a historic monument. Today, it host the Museum of Fagaras.

Brasov city

This city also has its beauties. The Square and the Black Church are two of the most popular tourist attractions in the city and are located in the city center. Black Church was built in the XIV – XV and was named after a fire in 1600 when its walls were black by fire. Along with this there are some wonderful things to see in the city like Tampa Mountain where is located the city name letters just like the ones in Hollywood.
Rope Street is the narrowest street in Europe, and you can jump to another time slot and also many others.
Be part of this journey and explore Transylvania!

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