1 June, International Children’s Day

On June 1 in Romania the Children’s Day is celebrated and in Brasov are prepared surprises and fun events for both the small and the big ones.

The Ambient Residence team is excited about the preparations for this special day in which we will all have fun and we will be back for a day, children again, with our children.

We all know that children are the future and day after day, fathers and mothers do everything possible so that our little ones are enriched with wisdom that makes them great in the future and for that they have to be happy, enjoy, travel and have our love.

We put at your disposal our comfortable rooms, which have generous spaces to play and that will be your home during your visit in the beautiful city of Brasov.

Piata Sfatului, located in the center of Brasov will witness the party where children can enjoy games, music, colors, sweets, surprises and costumes.

Those who love animals can choose to visit Brasov Zoo, located in the Noua neighborhood. Newly renovated, the garden offers wonderful opportunities to admire many common and rare species. Children who love sweets can start their visit in the pastry shop at the entrance where they can enjoy a rich traditional cakes, ice cream and soft drinks.

Each child is unique and the United Nations General Assembly thought the same thing in 1956 when it established International Children’s Day on 1 June because there is nothing more important than the happiness and the smile of our little ones.

At the International Conference on the Defense of Children, the UN agreed that each country would have to establish in its calendar the International Day of Children or Children and on the date that each state wanted.

Many countries have kept the date agreed from the beginning, on June 1, but in many others, it has been modified.
In 1954, the International Fund for the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) issued a recommendation requiring each state to have a day called “Children’s Day”

The Day of the Child was initiated on the second Sunday of June 1856 by the Reverend Dr. Charles Leonard, pastor of the Redeemer Universalist Church in Chelsea, Massachusetts. Dr. Leonard made a special service dedicated to, and for children. He named it Rose Day, although was later named Flower Sunday and then Children’s Day.

We wait for you with affection,
Ambient Team

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